What is Real? Istanbul 2015

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Composer Mehmet Ünal from newly found electronic music and sound design company AudioFIL used a similar technique that I used to create prints. Chopping raw sounds into tiny pieces, filtering and creating the composition using these particles.  Using techniques such as AM Modulation, FM synthesis, granular synthesis and ring modulation. To embrace the original sound of the piece he also wrote an M4L Patch for AbletonLive. Thus, mirroring the exact same approach and technique in the original collection prints.


Bİ’ŞEYLER believes that communication is a whole and new platforms can be created by coalescing different disciplines be it the traditional or the new media arts, and that existing platforms can be improved by exploiting technology.

Fashion Artist: Ece Özalp
Directors: Burcu Ece Yılmaz, Gökhan Okuyucu
Art Directior: Ethem Cem
Animation/Art Direction: Tiber Ergur
Modelling: Enes Ozenbaş
Music & Sound Design: Mehmet Ünal (AudioFil)

gif made by prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com
gif made by prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com


When Ece and Bİ’ŞEYLER New Media Works joined forces, the fashion film became an entirely new project.

New media and Ece’s patterns and forms converged.

First, Ece’s dress design was obtained and scanned in 3D. A fictional content was prepared using Ece’s patterns on the solid model obtained from 3D scan data. Production works were conducted over transformation of forms, research lines and 2D effects of the image. Works were reflected onto the modelled dress using projection mapping.The film made during this process was used as fashion film.

The name of Ece’s creation as well as her outlook on nature, Perception, gained another layer of concept with this project.

Perception gave birth to another perception and caused us to ask What is Real?

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“What Is Real?” Fashion Film Project

Ece Özalp’in ilk kreasyonu olan Perception, infared doğa fotoğraflarının birbirini tekrar ederek oluşan desenlere sahip ve kreasyonun ana temasında “What is Real?” sorusu gizli.Bİ’ŞEYLER ve Ece Özalp’in “fashion film” için bir araya gelmesini de o desenler sağlıyor ve sonuç olarak ortaya çıkan projede kreasyonun sorduğu soru, kreasyona yönetilmiş oluyor “What is Real?” Link

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