Late Life Hypergamy

Posted by Retha Rowe on December 06, 2017

Late Life Hypergamy. Late Life Hypergamy June 16, 2016 September 4, 2017 Commenter YaReally dropped an interesting set of videos in last week’s comment thread and I thought I’d riff on them for a bit today.

Late Life Hypergamy : Marriedredpill. Hypergamy informs her subconscious and the manifestation is to find ways to avoid sex with a man her Hypergamous sense acknowledges is a suboptimal sexual pairing. Her conscious, emotive, female mind understands that she should want to fuck him, but it wars with her hindbrain that is repulsed by just the imagining of it.

Late Life Hypergamy

Late Life Hypergamy y. The reason I bring this story up is to illustrate that women will migrate because of hypergamy and take extreme risks and leave their existing pair bonds and families because of the promise of a Illimitable Men. Why does a woman suddenly betray the father of her child, the very man who worked tirelessly to give her a better life? Hypergamy, and more specifically, Briffault’s Law. Ben’s value was as a provider, the minute he enabled Julia to provide for herself more efficiently, he removed her dependency and thus became obsolete.

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